District Layyah is situated in the south west (rather west) of Punjab. In its north, is situated the district of Bhakkar while in its west flows River Indus. Across the river there is Dera Ghazi Khan which is also the district of Punjab. District Jhang is located in the east and Muzaffargarh is located in the south of district Layyah (see Map of District Layyah).

It lies between 30-45 to 31-24 deg north latitudes and 70-44 to 71 -50 deg east longitudes. The district consists of a semi-rectangular block of sandy land between the Indus and Chenab rivers in Sindh Sagar Doaba. It is also a part of the recently established civil division of Dera Ghazi Khan. The total area covered by the district is 6,291 sq kms with a width from east to west of 88 kms and a length from north to south of 72 kms. Having a population of 1,121, 951, the population density is 178.2 people/sq km.